Alkmaar, cheese and more at the museums of Alkmaar

There are a number of museums in the city in addition to the cheese museum:

Alkmaar municipal museum, Canadaplein 1

Learn all there is to know about the history of the city and its surroundings. For openinghours of the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar click here

“De Boom” beer museum, Houttil 1

Located in a former 17th century brewery, this museum also accommodates a public house. For openinghours of the Beer Museum click here

Beatles Museum, Pettemerstraat 12A

The name Beatles Museum covers it all. In this museum you’ll find the largest private collection of Beatles collectables. For opening hours of the Beatles Museum clicke here.

More museums & attractions click here

The city walk by monuments takes in the most beautiful spots of Alkmaar. The 1.5-hour route leads you by courts of almshouses, museums, and monuments. You can order the citywalk by monuments at the vvv e-shop

For a visit to the cinema, concert or the theatre Alkmaar is the right place to be. You can visit the following cinemas and theatres:

VUE Bioscoop (5 halls), Pettemerstraat 1, tel. 072-5113641.
Filmhuis  Alkmaar, Pettemerstraat 3, 072-5202022
Taqa Theater de Vest, Canadaplein 2, tel. 072-5489999/072-5489888.
Podium Victorie, Breedstraat 33, tel. 072-5115076.


In verband met het Coronavirus is het nog onbekend wanneer de Kaasmarkt weer zal plaatsvinden. Houd deze website in de gaten voor informatie en updates omtrent de Kaasmarkt van 2021.

Due to the Coronavirus, it is still unknown when the Cheese Market will take place in 2021. Please visit this website again for more information and updates about the Cheese Market in 2021

Aufgrund des Corona-Virus ist noch nicht bekannt, wann der Käsemarkt wieder stattfinden wird in 2021. Für weitere Informationen und Aktualisierungen zum Käsemarkt 2021 raten wir Ihnen, diese Website nochmal zu besuchen.