How do I reach the cheesemarket?

The Cheese Market is in the town centre on the Waagplein. You can use the PRIS (Parking Route Information System) to find directions to the parking garages/ areas.

Accessibility of the cheese market

By Car of Campervan

Parking & general

We would advise against taking a car into the city center on a Friday morning. It is better to use one of the car parks rings in the center or at the P+R parkings Bergermeer and Oudorp from which you can acces the city center by bus.

Parking around the city centre

Street parking is possible in the areas surrounding the city (max. 3 hours!). Always check the information on the parking meter!

Parking for campervans

There are as yet no separate sites for campervans in Alkmaar. You may park your campervan in the street parking spaces or in one of the car parks at Overstad. There is good parking for campervans at the Parcade on the Pettemerstraat (see "Car Parks"). You can also park your campervan at the campervan-parking at Camping Alkmaar (Bergerweg). This terrain is especially arranged for campervans. From here busses to the centre leave 8 x p.h.. You can park here for a (part of) a day or stay overnight against payment. To reach the campsite follow directions "Bergen".

Disabled parking

Disabled drivers may park free in specially marked disabled parking bays and standard parking bars if you have a clearly identifiable disabled vehicle or a European disabled card. In the municipal parking garages you can not park for free, you’ll pay the standard parking rate. It is required to use your parking disk in the specially marked disabled parking bays and the standard parking bars. There is a maximum parking duration.

Arriving by public transport

Trains from Amsterdam

There is a direct connection to Alkmaar from Amsterdam Centraal Station, with trains departing four times an hour. Plan your train journey on

Train from Den Helder / Hoorn / Haarlem

There is a direct connection to Alkmaar, with trains departing twice an hour.

Plan your train journey on , this website is also available in English language or download the OV9292 app for smartphones.


Connexxion buses run to Alkmaar from coastal locations such as Egmond aan Zee, Bergen and Schoorl.Times and further details from the VVV, the website or the OV9292 app for smartphones (available in English language). It is also possible to purchase your public transport ticket for families at VVV Alkmaar.

Tour coaches

Passenger drop-off point

Coach passengers can be dropped off and picked up at the Molenbuurt. From there it’s just a short walk to the cheesemarket.

Parking coaches

At the car park of the Velodrome (Terborchlaan).